You wouldn’t expect W1 WIRELESS – a Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Thermaltake, would you?

From company like Thermaltake you would expect a case, mouse or maybe a cooling solution but not a gear like a gaming keyboard. Despite this, company announced the W1 WIRELESS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

Supports ultra-fast 1 ms 2.4 GHz technology, with a wireless range of approximately 10 meters, and battery lasting up to 1.5 months. Another wireless option is through Bluetooth. Connect to Bluetooth 4.2 enabled devices with battery lasting up to 2.5 months, or plug in for wired USB Type-C connection mode.

Apart from Wireless mode, Thermaltake’s keyboard lets you connect up to three Bluetooth compatible devices such as laptops, tablets or mobile phones, toggle among them by pressing Fn and numbers 1 to 3 accordingly.

For those who wants to lower lags to absolute minimum or save on batteries (necessity of charging), Thermaltake prepared possibility of using wired connection through USB type C cable.

Cherry MX mechanical switches
The gamers cherry on the top are always mechanical switches. In this case we’re talking Cherry MX Blue and Red mechanical switches. Blue switches are known to be responsive and audible; press a key, feel the click and know when the 2.2 mm actuation point has been hit. Red switches feature simple operation and low spring resistance, making it a popular choice for users to balance between work and play. Both switches are rated at 50-million keystrokes for maximum durability.

Another interesting feature of W1 Wireless gaming keyboard are PBT designed keycaps known for its rigidity and texture. They are also more resilient against solvents, making it easy to maintain and withstand repeated use.

Features an integrated wrist rest fulfilling basic ergonomics. Type and game with utmost comfort.

The W1 WIRELESS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard uses two 1.5 V AA batteries under wireless mode, and comes with a convenient receiver storage located at the back of the keyboard. On the top right, it features dedicated multimedia controls and a gaming mode switch that allows users to disable the windows key to prevent accidental press, and has an individual power button on the side for faster access.

At the moment we don’t know prices or availability in certain markets.


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