Teaser of highly anticipated Shadow Warrior 3

Bearing in mind quite impressive achievements of the predecessor, the announcement of Shadow Warrior 3 certainly caused a smile on the face at least a few fans of this series. To maintain good humor, we will add that the first game will be shown during Devolver Direct on July 11. In addition, to reduce the waiting time, we present the trailer of this game below.

Following the words of the creators, “Shadow Warrior 3 means the triumphant return of the fallen corporate shogun Lo Wang and brings the unusual series of FPS shooters to a higher level.” Kuba Opoń, game director, added: “We are extremely excited that Shadow Warrior fans can enjoy a completely new experience and we are looking forward to showing off the new features we have prepared for them.” “But we never forget the roots of Flying Wild Hog and we hope that Shadow Warrior 3 will feel like coming home to fans who have been with us from the very beginning.”

The disclosure of gameplay in Shadow Warrior 3 is planned on Twitch at 21:00 on July 11, 2020. Previews, interviews and other game-related information will be published next week.

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