Games with Gold October 2015 – a great dissapointment with Xbox Live

Games With Gold pazdziernik 2015

As every month,that this one as well starts Games with Gold for Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles, and of corse for those who have active accounts on Xbox Live. Traditionally, from a good few months, the holders of these consoles will receive two games, which is a significant difference, at least for the users of the latest Microsoft console.

Xbox One

Valiant Hearts

In October, Xbox one will receive for the whole month a free game – Valiant Hearts, which is unusual story set in a war reality, and told partialy by the soldiers, partly by civilians. This sort of adventure, sort of puzzle solving game, tells the story of strangers who had to cope with the reality of war the best they could. The game will be available for download throughout the month.

The Walking Dead

The second of the titles on the newest Xbox is the complete first season of The Walking Dead, which as you might guess is a game about zombies. Based on the comic book version, the production, also illustrates the behavior of people in an unusual, gradually building the horror sense , reality. In turn, this game can be downloaded for free between 16 October and 15 November.

Xbox 360

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes 02

From next Thursday, which is from October 1, Xbox 360, or rather its owners will benefit from the game Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, which is a  stealth game, where you will ftake the enemies down “silently”, and which was available for Xbox One two months earlier . The action in this game takes place in 1975 during the Cold War, and our hero, “Big Boss” rescues hostages from a secret base in Cuba using various gadgets and their skills.

This part of the Metal Gear Solid presents a less linear action, and the world in the game has more open spaces, diversifying by it to perform all sorts of missions.

In the second half of the month, and precisely from its 16 day, inexplicably closer to humanity plaintiffs, we get the game The Walking Dead. Yes, this is the same game that they will receive the holders of the Xbox One. Therefore we omit the description of the game, not hiding disappointment, not least due to the fact that that people having both consoles, at most will be able to test graphical difference between consoles. Microsoft could waqit with this game to include it in Backward Compatibility for XONE.

As you can see a set of “free” games do not admire this month, leaving the impression that Microsoft takes a breath after mad race with PS Plus and PlayStation consoles. We also hope (and not only us, because this selection has not received very favorable opinions of a large community of players) that Games with Gold surprise us positively in November and December, which is in the pre-Christmas period.

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